5 Easy Ways to Prevent Your Hair Dye from Fading When You Shower

Posted on: 25 January 2017

No hair dye will last forever, with everything from the sun to simple new hair growth seeing your flowing locks taken back to their previous shade and colour. However, you can make sure that this process occurs as slowly as possible, and it's particularly important to take the right steps to protect your hair dye from fading away when you shower.

With that in mind, here are just five tips to follow.

1. Skip the (Wet) Shampoo

One of the reasons showering makes dye fade is because the colour molecules can be dislodged by shampoo. Luckily enough, most people don't actually need to shampoo each and every day, so try only properly washing your hair every other day. You can also ditch your regular shampoo in favour of some dry shampoo. These will still get your locks clean, but they won't remove as much dye. If you do go for shampoo, look for one designed around the needs of dyed hair, and make sure you avoid any that are brightly coloured themselves.

2. Cool Things Down

Most people like stepping into a nice, hot shower to wake themselves up in the morning or wash away the stresses of the working day. However, you should seriously think about cutting down on the heat. When your hair meets high temperatures, the cuticles open and the colour starts to fade away more easily. You don't have to shower under nothing but the cold tap, but keeping things lukewarm is a good idea.

3. Fit a Shower Filter

If you don't have one already, look for a shower filter that can be fitted over the end of your showerhead. These can help remove any unnecessary chemicals, such as chlorine, that will speed up the fading process. You should be able to find one easily online.

4. Don't Rub Too Hard

When you do wash your hair, even with nothing but water, it's often natural to rub it quite hard. After all, it feels nicer to rub harder, especially if you have long hair, and it seems that you need to do so to get it clean. If you have dyed hair, try to be a little gentler, both when you're washing in the shower and when you're drying down afterwards. Rubbing too vigorously will cause dye to fade faster.

5. Don't Use Your Hairdryer

Once you've left the shower, try to take the time to have your hair dry naturally instead of opting for the blow drying. Using these tools can be convenient, but they can also considerably speed up the rate at which your dye fades away.

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